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ICHA is a voluntary association of Catholic health and social service organizations, along with their religious sponsors and health systems. Currently over 95% of the Catholic hospitals, nursing homes, and social service agencies belong to ICHA.

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ICHA 2014 Annual Meeting

ICHA's Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 23, 2014, at the Hilton Rosemont, Chicago O'Hare Hotel.  

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2013 People of Life Award given to Franciscan Sister Jane Marie Klein

Cardinal O'Malley presented the 2013 People of Life Award for lifetime commitment to the pro-life movement to three women leaders on August 4, in Boston.  Franciscan Sister Jane Marie Klein was honored as an advocate for Catholic health care and conscience rights. 

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Fortnight for Freedom: YouTube Video

See attached video.

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Fortnight For Freedom: Op-Ed

The Op-Ed Statement may be found under "ICHA News". 


Our Mission

As a collective witness to the mission of Jesus, the Illinois Catholic Health Association works to enhance Catholic presence and strengthen Catholic health and social service ministries primarily by fostering greater understanding, communication and collaboration among bishops, sponsoring congregations and leaders of ministry organizations in the state.


Our Vision Minimize

The Illinois Catholic Health Association serves as the preferred organization for convening  Catholic health and social service resources in Illinois, essential to building community among Catholic health and social service organizations and their leaders in the areas of mission, ministry, ethics, public policy, and areas affecting Catholic identity.



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